• Thank you so much for your help in cleaning up the wet carpets. This flood could have caused a lot more damage and breakdown in service had it not been for your immediate response. It was a relief to see you arrive so quickly. We appreciate the fact that you must have dropped everything to come to our aid - great customer service!
    (Alison Farrell, Auckland Council.
    Contract commenced 2007)

  • The response to issues and the "nothing is too much trouble" attitude of the team is one of RealClean's greatest strengths. Your ops team are fantastic, our site cleaner is lovely inspite of being a bit precious about our bin liners.
    (Kim Moxon, Delmaine.
    Contract commenced 2000)

  • Communication, follow up and putting steps in place to ensure the same thing doesn't reoccur when we highlight issues are strengths of RealClean. Always willing to go the extra mile, whether asked to or not. Todd and Andy show great inititive when they are onsite and are always so cheerful.
    (Tracy Wahrlich, Toll Freight Forwarding.
    Contract commenced 2002)

  • Very happy with the service, cleaning staff have a great attitude.
    (Denise Lamb, Waikato District Council.
    Contract commenced 2013)

  • The staff are very friendly and always professional. It is a pleasure to say hello to them and be greeted by a smile. How personable they are always impresses me. Cleaning can often be a thankless job and they are always here with a smile and take the time to say hello.
    (Feedback from staff at Ngaruawahia office of Waikato District Council.
    Contract commenced 2013)

  • Where ever you go you leave smiling people in your wake.
    (Christine Hornby, Stevenson Group.
    Contract commenced 2003)

  • We have very much enjoyed working with you, Andy and more recently Todd, along with all the cleaners who are part of your organisation.
    (Susannah, Gardens School.
    Contract commenced 2008)

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Corporate Cleaning

client care

RealClean is renowned for customer–focused care and attention. For us, you are more than a number in the system, a fact about which our current clients will be happy to talk. All administration is coordinated by Sheryl, who has a holistic overview of the entire business.
This means that our clients are not passed from one person to another when trying to get information. And as the key personnel of RealClean are such a tightly knit team, chosen and guided to achieve the company vision, our clients are guaranteed a unique level of accountability.

Ask us about cleaning optimisation and money–saving strategies: often the cost of your cleaning contract can be reduced significantly by making very minor changes. One such idea is providing centralised bins for your office staff; the time saved by the cleaner only emptying one single bin instead of many can amount to thousands of Dollars per annum!

Our environmental care programme is designed to support employee health in your company by providing a non–toxic environment, resulting in increased productivity of your staff, fewer sick days, and a better company climate overall.

We are multi–site specialists who can clean sites across the wider Auckland area from Franklin to Rodney.